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Yesterday, I reported on a desperate Liberal attempt to downplay, and the Canadian media’s attempt to diminish Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s visit to the White House. Because Mr. Harper was greeted by someone other than Barack Obama, this was seen to be a snub.

Today, on the LA Times blog, there’s an interesting account of the meeting between Harper and Obama,

[The] U.S. chief executive granted Canada’s Prime Minister Stephen Harper a coveted media availability in the Oval Office, a privilege not granted to someone as lowly as Britain’s Prime Minister Gordon Brown not so long ago.

That doesn’t sound like the Prime Minister was snubbed.

Let’s look at other world leaders “snubbed” by the White House!

President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo of the Philippines snubbed!

Diplomacy bajanxed! Irish PM Brian Cowen was right feckin snubbed!

Iraqi PM Nouri al Maliki snubbed! Shukran for nothing Obama!

Afghanistan President Hamid Karzai snubbed from White House shura!

Oy vey! Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu snubbed!

and as I mentioned yesterday…

Obama is such a prat! British Prime Minister Gordon Brown witnesses the piss poor diplomacy at the White House as he was snubbed!

Of course, these world leaders including Stephen Harper weren’t snubbed at the White House.

The Canadian embassy in Washington DC, when contacted for comment explained:

“The White House Chief of Protocol just called the Ambassador (proactively) to say, essentially, ‘this is nonsense’. It’s not the White House practice, under this Administration, for the President to go outside to greet his guests. That’s done by the Protocol Office.”



  • MichaelRoach

    LOL. “Diplomacy bajanxed! Irish PM Brian Cowen was right feckin snubbed!”

    Great post, as always. Entertaining and truthful.

  • http://twitter.com/WernerPatels Werner Patels

    To say that Harper was “snubbed” by Obama is nothing short of utter nonsense, and yet another fine example of how deranged the (left-wing) media and the Liberals are.

  • Gabby in QC

    Hey! Great research! Loved all the pics and the colourful vernacular expressions.

  • Bec

    Whhhooo haa! Great job, Stephen.

    You have just made my day.

  • Steve

    Oh My what are the Liberals going to do now that the PM was not Snubbed?

    Also breaking ,a Health Canada official apologises for body bag mix up, The Liberals are zero for 2

  • tedbetts

    Um, after you are all done hyperventilating about The Vast Leftwing-Liberal Media Conspiracy Against Conservatives (TM), again, can someone point to me what “Media” (that is a plural word folks) and what Liberal MP is saying he was snubbed??? I found one afternoon CTV news report on which one American pundit I've never heard of before say he was snubbed, this is the same network that later in the evening had Bob Fife pull his head out of Harper's a** long enough to tell us how great Harper was doing with Obama.

    Once again, the reaction to an imagined media incident is out of whack with the imagined media incident.

    There is only a media conspiracy if you ignore all of the great press the media gives to Harper every single day, ignore all the times they simply regurgitate PMO talking points, etc.

  • Truthfairy

    THANKS for this Stephen, great work.

    Your first pic looks unquestionably a who's who in US politics AND Canadian politics too!

    We really should be sooo proud of our PM.

  • Truthfairy

    It's a much bigger task to search for the truth when your dealing with an Opposition hell bent on grabbing power with a media solidly in their camp and the lengths they will go to perpetrate a myth.

    In the case of PM Harper and Obama meeting at the White House we see the old green eyed monster, jealousy, taking over the Liberals, most especially their leader.

    Today they tried a diversionary tactic, going after the fact there were body bags sent to Reserves in preparedness for a possible H1N1 flu epidemic. As a former health care professional, I do not have a problem with that. Is that's as low as they can go? Not likely.
    For Iggy and company's information there should be body bags included in the kit. Why our government would apologize for that is puzzling. Like people throughout the country, those who live on Reserves have people whose health is compromised and in a case of an epidemic people could die.

    When will a bit of common sense start showing up in the politics of the nation?

  • terry1


    Maybe jarpo was or wa snot snubbed but duffy needs to record more names to get his “personal” fund begging message out.

    Typical tory racists!!! Ethnic names don't make it

  • Fat_Tony

    Show us Duffy's list and which names are missing, or sit quietly.

  • TPP

    I'm not even conservative, and this is funny as hell. Fun writing.

  • Gabby in QC

    I would appreciate links to “all of the great press the media gives to Harper every single day.”

  • Gabby in QC

    Allan Gregg of the At Issue panel needs to receive this post in his in-box. The ignoramus repeated the now tired mantra of the Washington visit being nothing more than a 42-minute photo-op, and the PM being greeted by the “door woman” or some similar repugnant expression.

    Bitter and envious Liberals (yeah, yeah, I know, Gregg worked for PC PM Brian Mulroney) – not a pretty sight.

  • Blame Crash

    The fact of the matter is Gliberals consider it old fashioned to get so hung up on the truth and/or reality. Unless it’s to their benefit, of course.

  • Gayle

    Thanks for the dose of sanity Ted.

  • Truthfairy

    Funny, Gregg seems to be spouting the Liberal talking points, or perhaps they are spouting his. The Liberals have nothing left but tired old buzz phrases,ditto the media, PMSH has put 'em out to pasture on that score.

    Every time the PM goes to Washington we can expect the green eyed monster to surface. They couldn't be more jealous of the the PM meeting with their Idol, Obama. Notice Iggy is doing a lot of animated lip licking when he speaks, could be caused by the stress of realizing he has already blown his chances of ever gaining power. Also noteworthy is the absence of any old Liberal stalwarts coming to his aid, he's left with the warts holed up in a bunker trying to come up with a few wisecracks.

  • Truthfairy

    Where, oh where are you able to pull the last refuge, “racist” from in Duffy's project? Jealousy getting to you again? You might be interested to know the so-called “ethnics” are not amused at being used by Liberals to make bogus accusations against the government. You are insinuating they're not informed about what's going on and can't make decisions on their own without your “helpful” lies.

  • Beer and Popcorn

    LIEberal$ snubbed by Canadian voters!

  • Jen

    The lefty media here, are professional SNUBBERS, they have snubbed the PM. STEPHEN HARPER since was in OPPOSITION.

    And strangely enough, the liberals snub their own media by not answering the media's question.

  • terry1

    Fat_Tony…..being fat doesn't mean you have to be lazy also. Do your own research as I accurately did.

  • Fat_Tony

    Still waiting for the list…

  • NovaDog

    Mr Taylor,
    Very good investigative reporting. Thanks.

  • batb

    GR-8 post, Stephen!

    Gabby in Quebec: ” … yeah, yeah, I know, Gregg worked for PC PM Brian Mulroney … ”

    … which seems to verify my observations about Brian Mulroney, that he's a “Conservative” in name only. He is a tried and true Desmarais/Power Corp Boy from Quebec, and Allan Gregg appears to be a dyed-in-the-wool l/Liberal, always spouting their talking points.

    The foo s*its, alright … ;-)

  • Gabby in QC

    Batb, maybe my “yeah. yeah …” was misleading. My intention was to preempt finger-pointing from the usual suspects, who I expect might say that even a former PC staffer is critical of our current PM.

    Personally, I still admire Mulroney for having the courage to fight for policies he believed in (Free Trade, GST, Meech, South Africa, acid rain treaty, etc) even though those policies were unpopular and despite his own personal failings (the Schreiber affair).

  • terry1

    Well the bat has come down from her perch in darkness ands shed some light on her real feelings. Too bad Harpo is not a conservative either.

  • terry1

    now that you're out of the bat cave here's another little piece of reformatort hyocrisy for you:


    Three ads flashed on his TV screen – the first was a taxpayer-financed spot, boasting of the government's economic plan. The next two were the nasty Conservative ads, accusing Ignatieff of wanting to form a coalition with “separatists” and “socialists,” and accusing the Liberal leader of just being in politics for himself.

    Ignatieff said he was immediately struck by the political irony – there were the Harper Conservatives, lashing out at the New Democrats and the Bloc Québécois, on the eve of needing their support in yesterday's confidence vote in the Commons.

    I love the irony and the opening this gives the Libs.

  • Gabby in QC

    There's a terrible stench around here … oh, I see Terry1 is back.

  • philiphauser

    Again Ted and Gayle, where are all the links to GREAT media coverage for Harper? It would seem that the network would have to be working the snub angle, just a little if they had the “American Pundit” on to discuss the matter??????? Seems the VISITING professor from Harvard would very much qualify as a LIBERAL who has taken a run or two at Harper's standing in the US and the world but why would he count as a Liberal MP he is only renting a seat until his next university gig comes up

  • philiphauser

    With their villification of Western Canada, Americans and Quebeckers who dare to vote Bloc the Liberals are surely the experts on racism but what do you expect from the party whose finance minister once backed fund raising for the Tamil Tigers? Seems to me the only party to ever see Ernst Zundel on the leadership platform (1968) should rethink throwing this race card out at every opportunity. But I guess these two examples are somehow different than the Conservatives?

    Come on people Racism is a harsh accusation. I put some bullets in what I wrote above to deliberately show how a rush to judgement can be callous and more importantly wrong. I know a lot of Liberals and I don't think of them as racist, I just use the examples to show uncomfortable the feeling can be.

  • terry1

    Gabby, the terrible stench is from your unwashed opinions from the garbage dump.

    I'm in the hills of Tuscany and don't give a rat's a$$ about stenches.

  • terry1

    What planet do you come from?

  • terry1

    What planet do you come from?

  • terry1

    Gabby, the terrible stench is from your unwashed opinions from the garbage dump.

    I'm in the hills of Tuscany and don't give a rat's a$$ about stenches.

  • philiphauser

    Is there a point here I missed it?

  • terry1

    There is but I digress!!!

  • http://paulsrants-paulsstuff.blogspot.com/ paulsstuff

    I'll handle this one Ted. Kathleen Petty, Peter Mansbridge and the “At Issue” panel, Graham Richardson, Jane Taber, and Suhanna ? are some who stated the PM was snubbed.

    The At Issue segment airs again today. Mansbridge, Hebert, Gregg, and Coyne all nodded in agreement when Hevert said the PM was snubbed. Petty called it a developing story, and went on 5to question Canada-U.S. relations because of the supposed snub.

    I'm sure there are more. Those are the ones I myself have seen.m

  • Gayle

    You're funny.

    I never said the media was giving Harper “great” press coverage, though I do not accept the whole “MSM bias against the CPC” conspiracy theory so many people around here have latched on to.

    What Ted did was ask for some evidence that the “MSM” and an liberal MP were claiming Harper had been snubbed.

    You people like to work yourselves into a lather of outrage at the MSM. Maybe instead you should take a step back and actually read it or watch it. It might preserve your health.

  • Jen

    Frankly speaking paulstuff, those media you mention have no idea what 'Developing News' means,

    Canada under the liberal party and U.S. relations was strained and snubbed

  • terry1

    I think a blog on how the Tories are cheating canadians once again shpould be on your agenda Steve:
    Tories spend 5 times more on economy ads than H1N1 ads
    Updated Sun. Sep. 20 2009 9:36 PM ET

    The Canadian Press

    OTTAWA — The Conservative government is spending more than five times as many taxpayer dollars on promoting its economic plan as it is on raising public awareness about the flu pandemic.

    And that's once again raising a long-standing question: when does government advertising cross the line into partisan boosterism?

    Television viewers may have noticed the latest feel-good government ads about stimulus spending, including the Conservative-friendly, anti-election pitch: “We can't stop now,” and “We have to stay on track.”

    All the ads direct viewers to a Tory-blue government web site that includes more than 40 different photos of Prime Minister Stephen Harper and refers repeatedly to “the Harper government” — apparently in direct contravention of Treasury Board communications policy.

  • terry1

    Forget the snubs…here's the real PM in waiting doing his thing:

    Liberals will clean up economic 'mess': Ignatieff

    Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff outlines his plans for economic recovery to the Star in Ottawa Sept. 18, 2009. Email story
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    Politics blog: Layton, the musical (circa 2005) Layton reaps what he has sown Politics, ideology in EI reforms Letters: Responses to election talk Editorial: Time to make minority work Tories have slight lead over Liberals Reality cools election fever Editorial: Harper struggles in Washington Conservatives buy some time Canada fading from world stage: Ignatieff NDP can expect a bumpy ride with Harper Opinion: Time is now for the Liberals Liberals unveil TV ads Video exposes real Harper Ignatieff unveils economic plan
    Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff is in Toronto today to nail down the key planks of his economic platform – growth, green jobs and a role for government in the economy.Sep 21, 2009 01:06 PM

    Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff says the Conservatives have made a “mess” of Canada's economy and that his party will be the one to clean it up.


    From a guest at the speech:
    The Star headline nails it: LIBERALS WILL CLEAN UP ECONOMIC MESS.

    Place was so crowded, folks were shoe-horned in there like firewood. Packed to the rafters.

    One Toronto Bay Street guy to me, as he left: “Sounded like a Prime Minister, today. We need one right now.”

    the guset was WK…..your worst nightmare!!!!

  • dbenoit

    Maybe the reason Obama wasn't there to greet Harper was because he was busy actually running the country instead of playing piano and singing like Harper.

  • dbenoit

    Maybe the reason Obama wasn't there to greet Harper was because he was busy actually running the country instead of playing piano and singing like Harper.