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Daniel Costello is Canada’s ambassador to Poland. He is not the “Polish ambassador”.

Letter to Polish Ambassador Daniel Costello

Published on July 9, 2010
July 8, 2010

Ambassador Daniel Costello
ul . Jana Matejki
1/5 00-481 Warsaw
Dear Ambassador,

I am writing to you regarding an issue that has reverberated across Canada and about which I have received many complaints. The refusal of the Canadian Embassy in Poland to fly the rainbow flag during the Euro Pride Festivities in Warsaw is an affront to Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms, rule of law and stated values.

Canada, under the Liberal governments of Jean Chretien and Paul Martin, implemented changes in the Human Rights Act and over 86 pieces of federal legislation that advanced full equality, de jure and de facto, to Gays and Lesbians.

We are proud to be one of the first countries in the world to legalise same-sex marriage. As a Minister for six years, I took this issue to all international and multilateral fora for inclusion in official action plans.

I urge you to respect Canada’s leadership in the arena of human rights and minority rights and to fly the flag, proudly, in support of a minority group whose rights have been denied and who still face violence and death in many parts of the world.

If Canada cannot lead by example, as has been our tradition, we have lost our way as a global citizen and a nation respected for fairness and principle.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.


Hon. Hedy Fry, P.C, M.P.
Vancouver Centre
Cc. Hon. Laurence Cannon, P.C. M.P., Minister of Foreign Affairs

AFTERTHOUGHT: Even though she forgot what country Costello worked for, Fry being consistent with her party’s foreign affairs critic Bob Rae who in May said,

“I think it has to become a stronger priority for Canadian foreign policy generally and I think we have to understand that as Canadians, that having taken such an advanced position ourselves with respect to recognizing gay relationships in the Americas, that it would be – it would be a wonderful thing if we could champion this as a priority for our foreign policy.” — Bob Rae

UPDATE: Results! The Liberal Party has changed the text of the letter.

BONUS: Read Steve Janke’s more policy-oriented take on Hedy’s silliness.



29 thoughts on “Hedy Fry does it again”

  1. Oh, yeah? Hedy is that arrogant (she’s a Liberal, after all) and that stupid.

    As John Cleese has pointed out, it would be impossible to mount a Monty Python skit these days because reality is beyond parody.

    Hedy’s letter makes the point in spades.

  2. Boy, Hedy hit the nail right on the head. I'm so steamed up because Poland won't fly the rainbow flag (whatever in hell that is.) I'm sure I won't be able to sleep at night. I wonder if the shock and trauma I am certain to undergo will make me eligible for some government money. Must give Hedy's office a call. I'm sure that a socialist twit like her will know where there some little freebie program tucked away somewhere; you know, the one all her constituents use.

  3. When I first read the title “Letter to Polish Ambassador Daniel Costello”, I assumed he was the Polish Ambassador here. Good thing you explained their mistaken headline. What does she mean this issue has “reverberated across Canada”? Where? First I've heard of it.

  4. Dearest Heddy – never an opportunity lost to prove how irrelevant the Liberal party is to the Canadian political scene. So did this letter go out to all embassies – was she an equal opportunity finger wagger to everyone or just a northern European Christian nation? Were there Muslim or Hindu countries on this mail out? How about China? Go Heddy go, you are living proof that lefties are products of flights of fancy. Cheers.

  5. Hedy Fry is an idiot and an insult to Canadians all across the country. It's unforatunate that she represents a riding full of other not-too-smart people, which means she'll continue to be an embarrassment to Canadians after the next election.

    She's a joke!!!

  6. This letter can't be the real thing It has to an internet prank .No body could be this stunningly arrogant and stupid????

  7. addendum to my last does anyone want to guess if the Embassy even knew about Euro pride festival ?

  8. That letter might have had a bit more punch if it was directed at, oh, say, the Afghan ambassador?

  9. Hey there!! I always vote conservative – it is not my fault that I have uninformed neighbours. Be nice to your fellow CPC card-carrying members!!! There are lots of us here, just more of them. I am constantly embarrassed by my (cough) MP.

  10. OMG I can't believe that the Liberals at HQ did not do THEIR homework either. No, actually, I can believe it. This is the same group that planned a Calgary stop for Iggy at a high school having probably the highest number of oil parents in the city (in the days he was against the oil sands).

    This goof by Hedy (again) and the Liberals is so sad that it is really funny!! The under-the-bus tour is off to a great start. I am sure that our Canadian Ambassador in Poland knows exactly where this letter can be filed. It will be a great joke among our Embassy staff.

  11. Did any Canadian Embassies fly the Rainbow Flag for Gay pride Day???
    I certainly hope not.

    If it was flown then I want the Marijuana flag flown world-wide every April 20th.

  12. Canadian liberals are neo-imperialists to the core. They want to remake the world in Canada's image. I prefer Stephen Harper's much humbler, realist foreign policy to this self-righteous drivel.

  13. She so busy putting out burning crosses in Prince George. How does she find the time to write a letter?

  14. She so busy putting out burning crosses in Prince George. How does she find the time to write a letter?

  15. Hedy is no stranger to silliness so nothing surprising here. She's also been given to telling fibs, ie cross burnings on lawns among other boners. However she's made a fool of herself once again . That someone of her experience would assume the Gay Flag should be treated as a flag of state is astoundingly mind boggling.

    As for Bob Rae musing about making gay relationships a priority for our foreign policies, same sort of silliness and another reason we have to hope he never gets near power if that's what he considers matters of state.

  16. I'm not sure there should be any surprise here. Ever since poor, dear Hedy started seeing those “burning crosses on the lawns as I speak” in Prince George, pretty much everyone knows that she has to take the 6 AM stagecoach out of her world to get to reality. Whether her antics are caused by drugs or delusions, only her doctor knows for sure. Another example of Liberal arrogance – even when out of office they still think they should be pushing their agenda.

  17. I think the liberals should send Hedy on a fact finding tour of all muslim countries, waving that piece of cloth she calls a flag. After all, iggy called our can a beer label.

  18. I actually AM concerned about the content of the letter: For a Canadian politician to ask the Canadian Ambassador to Poland, through his Embassy, to fly a rainbow flag during the Euro Pride Festivities in Warsaw, in a predominantly Catholic country, is just plain daft and arrogantly ignorant. Would Hedy Fry ask our Canadian Ambassador to Saudi Arabia — or any predominantly Muslim country — to do the same?

    I highly doubt it.

    And, then, for Ms. Fry to contend that not to fly the rainbow flag from the Canadian Embassy in Poland is “an affront to Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms, rule of law and stated values,” reveals her utter ignorance of the sovereignty of other nations. I guess because she's an entitled, leftard Liberal, she figures she can dictate to foreign governments what is or is not appropriate when it comes to gay rights. Does it not occur to her that for our Embassy to fly the rainbow flag might be an affront to the Polish people's sensibilities?

    Oh, but, l/Liberals very seldom consider how their ideas and practices might be an affront to others' “stated values.”

  19. I do not understand this Hedy Frye. She is intelligent enough to become a doctor (it does take some doing to become a doctor) but she has to be the dumbest person in politics. I guest you really can be intelligent but really dumb.

  20. Maybe she thought Amb Costello might be sympathetic. Before joining the public service he was a political adviser to PM Chretien.

  21. She is a joke, you're quite right, but it's actually rather smart politics for Hedy to pander to the LGBT community in this riding, since its the LGBT vote that keeps her in office.

  22. ” … it's … the LGBT vote that keeps [Hedy] in office.”

    Oh, so that explains it. What a team: Hedy Fry and LGBTs.

    Words fail.

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