Kyle Palmieri, Devan Dubnyk.

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Will popular former radio take on Naheed Nenshi this fall in the Calgary mayoral election? Former Stephen Harper and Christy Clark advisor Ken Boessenkool has some advice for Dave if he’s seriously thinking about it,

What do you think of Ken’s advice? Do you think Rutherford should challenge Nenshi in the fall?



  • Sue

    Mr Boesenkool’s amateurish epic failures working clumsily behind the scenes for BC’s Liberal Party last year led him to be very publicly, ridiculously, hounded out of town, why would Dave Rutherford listen to any of this hasbeen’s advice. First federally, then a provincial incursion and now municipal politics. If he is a hired gun, I’d suggest that he’s been out of effective ammo for too long.

  • 45958h

    Go for it Dave…You will win.

  • kenn2

    re #4 – Oh yes, knee-jerk fiscal reactionaries are all the rage in Canada’s big cities. Just ask Toronto.

    And he forgot #11. Find and destroy any videos of you behaving badly, before they find you.

  • Brian Mouland

    Why not . Good luck Dave!

  • Brian Mouland

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