In the news today,?a taxpayer-funded CBC panelist, HuffPo journalist, and Trudeau biographer,

with notes from a taxpayer-funded partisan Liberal research bureau,

writes a story about taxpayer-funded Conservative partisans,

on direction from the taxpayer-funded Prime Minister’s Office,

protesting this previously alluded-to taxpayer-funded politician,

on his transparency pledge that omits his private business which raised money from taxpayer-funded charities.

The protest was done in order to change the channel on this taxpayer-funded politician’s taxpayer-funded housing allowance,

though another taxpayer-cheating Senator,

may be welcome back in a tax-exempt political party that issues 75% tax deductions on amounts donated,

to direct taxpayer-funded partisans?to protest, like they did against this taxpayer-funded politician,

who once cheekily posed with taxpayer-funded partisans,

protesting a tax on everything.



  • hollinm

    God help us.

  • GabbyInQC

    So, what’s the solution?
    Stop taxpayer funding of a whole bunch of activities, among them …

    ? NO more taxpayer funding for MPs’, senators’, bureaucrats’ living expense claims, per diems and the like. Arguing that putting those claims online for voyeurs to peruse is going to stop the abuse makes as much sense as wearing a fur coat during the dog days of summer. If given the choice between a Chateau de Beaucastel Chateauneuf-du-Pape (SAQ $179) or a Chateau des Matards (SAQ $14.35) at taxpayers’ expense, which one do you think most people would choose? Eliminate that choice, i.e. funding public servants’ day-to-day expenses, and you might eliminate some abuses.

    ? NO more taxpayer funding of partisan “research bureaus”. If political parties want to do research, let them use their own party funds. Opposition parties in particular wouldn’t find this much of a strain, since most of their “research” is ready-made for them by the Ottawa Press Gallery. Proof? Althia Raj seems to have done a creditable job for her favourite politician.

    ? NO more tax credits for making charitable donations and donations to political parties. As a donor to both, I would be quite willing to forgo whatever tax credits I receive in order to support the causes I currently support. Eliminating those tax credits might eliminate the complaints that taxpayers are indirectly funding causes they do not support.

  • rick mcginnis

    Well, you’re the one who WANTS to live in Ottawa.

  • Kathy Shaidle

    A tax strike would be good.

  • peter j

    Good start but don’t forget the CBC. Over a Billion right there. And while were at it give every Indian $100,000 and cut them loose. Give them the land they’re on to do with what they want and tell them that Indian affairs is officially abolished and the tens of thousands of civil servants swallowing up most of the money will have a chance of being Walmart greeters if they can pass the test. Another $ 10 billion saved. The vacancy rate in Ottawa will improve dramatically and the taxpayers can breathe a sigh of relief that the bottomless money pit is partially plugged. That would be a great start and I have many more ideas that are presently out of favor because they are logical. As you already know, Logic and pigs at the trough as well as political correctness are all incompatible. Eyeing Quebec right now and the money we could save……..

  • kenn2

    If you think government smalls bad, try living in a town where they make paper.

  • kenn2

    This sort of stuff makes for ohmigod optics in certain circles, but is all pocket-change compared to the tax money lost in the form of tax breaks to certain industry sectors, or even to the cost overruns and lousy accounting of some planned military acquisitions. If the point really is about the money, start there.

    I’m more bothered that the PMO apparently has little better to do than to stage fake protests. And bail out a double-dipping Senator.

  • DougM

    Despite your slander, neither the PM nor the PMO bailed out a double dipping Senator. The Chief of Staff to the Prime Minister wrote out a personal cheque to bail out a double dipping Senator. While it may not pass a smell test to the CBC who dwell in secrecy about their own incomes, a personal cheque is still a personal cheque. On the other hand, If someone in the Opposition Leader’s office were to write out a personal cheque for a quarter of a million dollars to bail out the Liberal double dipping Senator, it would mean that at least one occasion when the Liberals had not shafted the Canadian taxpayer. And as those parasites have always viewed my money as their own personal back account, I for one, would be enormously appreciative. Alas, after many years of their perversity, in our current world, it is somehow seen as a terrible lack of integrity when the taxpayer is paid back and yet little said when he is screwed over as many of the Liberal Leadership candidates along with Harb did so effectively. Practice does, apparently, make perfect. That said, at least none of the senators were living in subsidized housing like Layton and Chow, so at least they have that to stand on.

  • kenn2

    Is slander another word for truth?


    Deliberate hush money from the PMO.

    btw – it’s sad to see someone as smart you parrot the lie about the Layton’s co-op housing. Just cos you fear mixed housing doesn’t mean that everyone does.

  • DougM

    Fingerpointing and Handwaving? I suggest y ou go back and read what I wrote again. Unlike yourself I was completely accurate and Duffy is indeed a double-dipping Senator. And Wright’s cheque was indeed a personal cheque. And “” for a source? Really? Why use the middle man? You know you can get Pravda sent right to your computer at home in this day and age, eh? Frankly, some years back you at least were able to bring some intelligent points to the table. Misguided and puerile, but they at least formed enough sense that they could be used in dedate to show how, why and how seriously they were flawed. Now you’re just becoming a Harper Hating Moonbat. Quick point – if all you see and smell is crap, its not the other guy with the problem – its because of where you have your head stuck. You get all incensed when someone points out that Ole Rub n’ Tug Layton was less than perfect but you attack virtually everything that comes out of a Conservative government or action while protecting Taliban Jack. Boo Hoo. For those of us that are old enough to remember the utter corruption of the Liberals – how they stole money from Pensions and killed the economy while driving us into debt and to a position that S&P was going to downgrade our dollar, or intelligent enough to have learned from the collapse of the Eastern Bloc and the current destruction of the PIGS economies how completely socialism has been disproved as an economic practice, you, and your ilk, have no credibility. Interestingly in the US, its the Right that have become extremeist and unthinking, and here in Canada, it is the Left/ Both hae the same, outdated and ingrained thinking and both are dying because they have pandered to a small base that doesn’t have the ability to adapt. It is unfortunate that we don’t have professional jouralists in Canada and they perpetrate the “gotcha” yellow and sensationalist journalism of the UK and the worst of the US, but the country is evolving despite them. That’s not to day Harper is perfect – he’s not, but he’s a hell of a lto better than anything the Opposition Parties have put forth and is the best we’ve had by far for the last 50 years or so. If I were Harper, I wouldn’t speak to the Canadian media unless they put forth some professionals to do the interview. CBC uses Melewski to grab a sound bite and then give his spin on the story to ensure that the real story is covered by the CBC spin rather than the real explanation or “god forbid” the truth and the rest aren ‘t much better. At the end of the day, Layton had charisma – and so have a host of terrible leaders who have been democratically elected only to bring their country to ruin. And to some of us, it is no co-incidence that the Party that rose to prominence and got themselves democratically elected in the Germany of the 1930’s was called “The National Socialist Party” – read up on it.

  • kenn2

    Wow. You must have switched laxatives. Feel better now?

  • DougM

    Wow indeed! Look, I have no problems with slipping a blade into debate, in fact I quite enjoy it. But in the complete absence of any reason, debate or points except for that petty little small minded insult that Lefties always default back to when they have lost an argument or debate, simply exposes and highlights your utter lack of thought or ability to respond in an informed opinion on a matter.

    And laxatives? I don’t use them. We have enough lefties using the results of their laxatives for brains now it would simply contribute to more of the same.