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Ottawa has been scandal-prone of late in its inappropriate use of taxpayer dollars. Here we have a story about the inappropriate use of government resources for partisan activity. Such abuse has come to light after documents were released under Access to Information. They describe a request from an official with the Vanier Liberal Electoral District Association for translation to Hélène-Louise Gauthier, the Director of HQ Accommodations for the Infrastructure and Environmental Operations Directorate for the Canadian Border Services Agency.

This request from the Liberal Party was fulfilled using a Government of Canada email address. It is unknown if this was done on government time despite government resources being used to respond to the request. The translated document was the agenda for the 2013 Liberal Ottawa-Vanier AGM.

Of course, it is inappropriate for government officials to be using government resources to do partisan work. I reached out to the Minister of Public Safety for comment. The Minister’s Office verified the documents and Julie Carmichael, the Vic Toews’s director of communications replied,

“We were shocked to learn that senior Liberal MP Mauril Belanger utilized a backroom Liberal operative to do partisan work at taxpayers expense. The CBSA is looking into this blatant misuse of taxpayer dollars. We call on Justin Trudeau to immediately discipline Mauril Belanger for this inappropriate behaviour and come clean to Canadians about any other backroom operatives using taxpayer dollars.”

A media firestorm broke out after it was revealed that the Prime Minister’s Office used taxpayers resources to make a political attack against the leader of Canada’s third party in Parliament, Justin Trudeau. Revealed via the Barrie Examiner, the attack was political but wasn’t done on behalf of a political organization outside of government. However in this CBSA example, taxpayer dollars were used directly to benefit the administrative goals of a partisan organization.



  • against the current

    Just wondering what the rules are concerning use of government email addresses for personal use?

  • Why do I bother.

    Wow! Brilliant investigative journalism! Thank god somebody is safe3guardingthe taxpayers from the third place rump of the Liberal Party. Next thing you know, they will be drinking water from a taxpayer funded watercooler, but I am sure you will be hiding behind it to catch them in the act!

  • Thucydides_of_Athens

    Why do I Bother probably does not believe that past performance is indicative of future outcomes. Should the Legacy Media’s wet dream come true, do you think the Young Dauphin will do anything to curb this sort of taxpayer abuse? If so, please present the evidence which leads you to believe this to be true?

    Needless to say, this sort of behaviour is wrong regardless of who does it, and would applaud this or any other blogger who could bring to light verifiable evidence (notice the word verifiable) of any person, private organization or political party which is using taxpayer dollars for inappropriate purposes. Too bad the Legacy Media isn’t doing this type of journalism anymore.

  • kenn2

    There’s nothing in what you’ve presented that proves that translation of that single page was done by a government employee on “company” time. At worst, you’ve shown that someone forwarded a Liberal document during the workday, using a government email address.

    -yawn –

    Wake us when you catch the Libs using government employees as fake protester extras for a photo op, like the CPC did. Or wasting top PMO talent and work hours on supplying hush-money to a Senatorial embarrassment.

  • DougM

    Your capacity to excuse virtually every flaw that is of Non-conservative origins, while being horror struck by the slightest passing of gass from anything remotely Conservatively aligned provides, I’ll admit, great originality, but alas, no intellect or reason. Moreover, if you have any information that Wright’s cheque was to obtain “Hush money” (for whatever imaginary reason he was supposed to “hush” about) you should take it to the RCMP. After all, it’s not like personal finances, Wright’s or anyone elses, should be public – all the moonbats were dead against that type of exposure. Or if Duffy was found in the tawdry confines of a local “Rub and Tug” owned by a criminal organization establishing his contact with organized crime like a certain NDP leader. (Isn’t this fun??)

  • kenn2

    I can take shots at the Libs when they screw up. Stephen’s proved… nothing, here. His time would be better spent auditing Federal staplers to determine whether any government-funded staples were poked into a LPC handout.

    If you’re not just seizing any plausible defense, and you genuinely, really believe Wright’s cheque was NOT part of some PMO-led attempt to make Duffy STFU… talk to your health provider. The onset can be delayed with treatment and lifestyle changes.

  • DougM

    It is not left for your judgement as to what Stephen has proved or not – in fact, your judgement is so consistantly flawed that it would be about the last litmus test used in a realistic debate. Its already been confirmed that Wright’s cheque to Duffy did encompass the direction to stop talking to the media – but not talking to the media is hardly a crime. What has not been proved, or even alledged by anyone reasonably intelligent, is that Wright intended to buy influence or favours with the money. And despite your professed claim to “take shots at the Libs when they screw up” – how much comment have you expended on this board castigating either the Libs in general or Harb in particular for the very same transgressions you go all apoplectic about with Duffy – right – so if someone should really be told to STFU, perhaps you should start, as MJ so eloquently said, with “The man in the mirror”.

  • kenn2

    Nice to see you walking your Wright/PMO defense back, even if you’re spitting like a wet cat the whole time.

    It is not left for your judgement as to what Stephen has proved or not

    Um, yes it is. Yours too, if you can see past your partisan fervour for a second or two.

    Meanwhile, stay tuned for the results of Mr Taylor’s sting operation on Liberal abuse of government photocopiers.

  • DougM

    Hate to burst your bubble but I’m not walking back on anything – I just realize that its necessary to repeatedly clarify things to the conspiracy theorists and moonbats who deliberately misinterpret things to fit their own viewpoint. If you really think that anyone must, under the law speak to the press, or that any money paid to them is “hush money” if they don’t, you have my pity but not much else. And no – you don’t get to judge anything – God forbid – you simply have an opinion. And you know what they say about opinions – everybody has one. And yours are normally worth precisely what Stephen pays for them. But again you still haven’t responded to what levels of apoplexy you would reach if Harper was caught in a Rub n’ Tug, nor explained your absolute silence on Harb’s lack of payment – even though its more than twice Duffy’s.Though you claim to “take shots at the Libs when they screw up”. The fact is you’re rather like your friends at the CBC – those self aggrandizing buffoons who prop up each others self-importance on a show they laughingly call “The National” though 90% of their datelines come out of Toronto and pulls in only 7% of the target audience (that’s less than 1 in 10 btw) and yet claims to be unbiased. Good for a laugh, provided no one actually takes them seriously or looks at the cost of supporting them.