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Earlier this month, Mulroney appointee and Harper lieutenant Marjorie LeBreton announced her retirement as Government leader in the Senate. LeBreton, who is 73, will retire from the Senate in two years.

LeBreton has held the government’s line in the Senate through its problems this year; Senator Brazeau is up on sexual assault charges, while he and three other Senators are facing RCMP investigation over allowance expense irregularities.

A government official speaking about LeBreton’s retirement said, “A fully elected cabinet is an important thing right now”. This was taken by most of Ottawa to mean a deprioritization of the Senate as an institution in the executive branch of government.

However, it could also slyly mean that the Prime Minister will appoint an elected Senator to cabinet to be the government’s voice in the Upper Chamber.

Candidates for this position in cabinet include:

  • Scott Tannas
  • Betty Unger
  • Doug Black



  • kenn2

    For most Canadians, Harper can’t start soon enough to bring the Senate into the modern age. He’s had his turn at the patronage buffet, appointed a record number of senators to a body he promised to reform. Time to act…

    But never mind that. How about that John Baird standing up to Russia on their homophobic new laws?

    Tolerance and inclusiveness ARE Canadian values, and Baird is right to express this, even though sexual diversity is not an issue most conservatives would like to identify with. Bravo.

    I’m even happier that in doing so, the federal Conservatives have drawn the ire of right-wing fringe nut-jobs like REAL Women. That’s awesome. Could this be the long-awaited sign that the CPC is aiming more for the middle, embracing -gasp- moderation, and finally ready to rid themselves of the far-right fringe that they courted during their rise to power?